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The Three Pieces of Advice that Transformed My Marriage

I talk about wedding planning a lot. A whole lot. Unfortunately, I haven't delved into healthy marriages as much as I should. So, today, I'm going to rectify that- and get pretty vulnerable- by talking about the three pieces of advice that transformed my marriage. [I truly believe being a healthy ...

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Is Hiring a Wedding Planner Really Worth It?

Admittedly, as a wedding planner, I am a little biased. I do think either a wedding planner or a wedding day coordinator is a valuable investment into having a stress-free wedding day. However, I will also tell you that not every wedding planner is right for you. It's important to find a pro you ...

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How to Set Your Business Apart on Social Media

Have you noticed it? Our collective social media feeds are becoming more and more similar. Brand messaging all sounds about the same these days. So, how does a small business owner set themselves apart from the competition? What do your customers really want? It's easy to assume because there's so ...

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10 Ways I Deal With Stressful Days as an Entrepreneur

Social media is flooded with images and videos of people living this ideal "entrepreneurial" lifestyle. I know I can be guilty of it too (sorry about that!) But real life gets messy. Some days are just plain stressful. I love my life. I love what I do. But some days I need creative ways to deal. So, ...

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Is Pride Keeping Your Business from Growing?

Self-evaluation can be uncomfortable. I mean who really wants to be confronted with the less-than-ideal parts of themselves or their businesses? The problem is, not dealing with those things can be hurting your bottom line. Imperfections Don't Make You a Failure Something to keep in mind is that ...

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