This year started as the slowest for bookings since I started my business in 2015. But, thanks to the efforts of my incredible team, we’ve recently seen a boom in bookings. In just two weeks, we doubled our sales for the year.

The groundwork for this increase was about three months in the making, but those months of intentionality were definitely worth the effort! We get to work with some of the most incredible couples this Fall because of it. We’re thrilled… because we truly love what we do!


In a planning meeting a few months ago, my team and I decided it was time for a much-needed re-brand. Our business name, website, business model, etc. wasn’t working for us. Our brand just wasn’t resonating with our target market. So, we went about choosing a new name, creating a new website, and overhauling our social media. Over the summer, we rolled out our re-branding efforts, and the results have been stunning!

Relationship Building

Secondly, we decided to invest time and effort into our relationships with our fellow wedding vendors. The best part? We met a ton of incredible people along the way! As a result, we’ve gotten a lot of word-of-mouth referrals. We’ve also been able to refer our clients to even more vendors that we truly trust and respect.

It’s been wonderful connecting with the creative entrepreneurs in our community. We’re looking forward to building even more deep, meaningful relationships in the months to come.

System Building

It’s important to make it as easy as possible for clients to book with you! That’s why we invested time into building a system and streamlining the process we take our clients through. From booking through post-wedding follow up, we’ve made our process more easy and accessible for our clients.


Just after “word-of-mouth,” Instagram is our biggest referral source.  Rather than trying to figure out what we’re going to post in the moment, we decided to take the time to plan out an entire month’s-worth of content in advance. That way we could be intentional about the stories we were telling, plus it freed up a substantial amount of time in our daily schedule– time we could devote to our precious clients. That lead to wonderful reviews, which helped our new clients feel confident in their choice of wedding planners.


What it all boiled down to, really, was being honest with ourselves. Being willing to take a long, uncomfortable look at where we “missing it.” From there we formulated a plan to improve everything we could and express our love for both clients and vendors.

All those factors played into doubling our bookings for the year!