Admittedly, as a wedding planner, I am a little biased. I do think either a wedding planner or a wedding day coordinator is a valuable investment into having a stress-free wedding day. However, I will also tell you that not every wedding planner is right for you. It’s important to find a pro you genuinely connect with and trust.

All that being said, below are just a few of the reasons a planner is worth it.

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Your wedding is, or at least should be, a joyful celebration. You should be creating beautiful memories with your friends and family, not worrying about delivery times and vendor set up. A wedding planner – or wedding day coordinator-  can take care of all those stressful wedding day details so you and your loved ones are free to enjoy yourselves!

I forgot what? 

There are so many moving pieces to a wedding, it’s easy to overlook things. A quality wedding planner will help you work through all those minute details and ensure all your bases are covered.

Your time is precious

You only get this “engaged” season once. It’s unique. It’s precious. You shouldn’t be stressed out the entire time!

You may not need a full-service planner, but you may want to consider a few “a la carte” planning options to free up your time. Many planners offer hourly rates or a menu of small tasks they’ll handle for you, so you can outsource projects you hate and focus on the ones you actually have fun doing. Your time is valuable, you don’t want to waste it!

Vendor Lists

Wedding planners usually have a list of reliable pros they work with often. This is great because they generally have a groove or rhythm to the way they work together, and it makes things that much smoother on your wedding day.  Most wedding planners are also able to procure vendor discounts for you… And who wants to pay more than they have to?

Timelines + checklists

If logistics, timelines, and to-do lists aren’t your thing, a wedding planner can help! Planners are pros at creating timelines and checklists to help the wedding planning process run efficiently.

I wish…

Almost every time I meet someone new (who is married) and they find out what I do, they something like, “I wish I’d hired a planner for my wedding!” They then proceed to tell me about some snaffoo, family drama, or crazy situation that happened on their wedding day. It makes me sad because I wish I could go back in time and fix it for them.

You might be saying, “But, Stacy, I’ve heard horror stories from people who have hired wedding planners, too.” Yes. You’re absolutely right. There’s no denying it. Planners are human too. However, an experienced planner usually has the tools to turn things around or salvage the moment. It’s like I said above, it’s about finding the right planner for you. She or he, should be able to help you avoid those, “I wish” regrets.

So… Is it worth it? 

It all depends on you. What do you want your wedding day to be like? Do you stress out easily? Would having a seasoned professional on hand give you the confidence you need to relax and rejoice on your big day? Another thing to consider is your family. Does your family tend to stress? Would a wedding day coordinator help your parents be able to breathe easier?

It’s up to you. My hope is that whatever you choose, you have a blissful + beautiful wedding planning journey and the best wedding day ever!