Is Pride Keeping Your Business from Growing?

How to Grow Your Business

Self-evaluation can be uncomfortable. I mean who really wants to be confronted with the less-than-ideal parts of themselves or their businesses? The problem is, not dealing with those things can be hurting your bottom line.

Imperfections Don’t Make You a Failure

Something to keep in mind is that having areas where you aren’t as strong doesn’t make you weak, it makes you human. In fact, it’s those those very imperfections that may be wonderful connection points with your audience. But if your pride is keeping you from admitting those things exist, you may be missing out on deep, meaningful relationships with your audience.

All those perfectly curated Instagram feeds out there are beautiful, but they can be hard to emotionally connect to. And if there’s anything people are looking for these days, it’s connection.

If things aren’t working, change them.

This one can be difficult. I know sometimes as business owners we have very clear ideas of how we want to do things and we want to stick to them because they are, after all, our ideas.

I was guilty of this for years! And you know what? I sabotaged my own success. Did my business grow? Yes. Was it far harder and slower than it needed to be? Absolutely!

If there are processes, procedures, messages that aren’t working, it’s time to stop and evaluate things. Why aren’t they working? Do you need a major overhaul? Or maybe just a few tweaks? Sometimes it’s a simple as finding the right app to use or clarifying your messaging. The main thing is, don’t get stuck in a rut that isn’t working for you or your business.

All forward progress is good

Another trap I see a lot of small business owners falling into is the, “success isn’t happening fast enough” pitfall. Just because it’s not overnight, it doesn’t mean that your success isn’t real. In fact, most “overnight” successes are years in the making. I’ve seen people quit six months into their entrepreneurial journey because things just weren’t happening fast enough.

Every victory in your business is a victory, no matter how small. You’re doing something brave. You’re building something. You dared to believe you could make things happen. Don’t undermine your progress by letting your ego get in the way. All forward progress is good. Every wildly successful person had to start somewhere!

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