Working from home is the dream. At least it was my dream. Still is! And while I absolutely love running my business from the comfort of my home, there are a few small things I wish I’d know before I started this journey. Unfortunately, I never heard anyone talk about these three things:

Chores are… harder

Stay with me for just a moment. You’re probably thinking, “How could chores be harder? You’re at home more!” That’s exactly it. Since I do work from home most of the time, I don’t have a clear delineation between my “home” life and my “work” life.

When I worked a full-time job, as soon as I came home I’d cook dinner and do chores. After all that, I would start working on my business in the evenings. There was a natural, easy structure to my life. Now, I have to make a concerted effort to set aside time for housework. There’s the constant lure of my home office. Just one more email. Just one more blog post. You get the picture.

When you start working from home, it’s important to build a framework for your day. If not, it’s incredibly easy to get sucked down the “work” rabbit hole.

Weight gain is… easy

It literally never crossed my mind that I would gain weight when I left my day job. But here I am, about 10 pounds heavier than I was two years ago (when I left behind the 8 to 5). I mean, the kitchen is literally right there. All the delicious food I could want is at my fingertips.

I recently put a treadmill in my office space so I would get up and move around. For months, I would chain myself to my desk and rarely get up. I just wasn’t as active as I used to be.

Some days are… lonely

I’m the farthest thing from the “lonely” type. I actually love alone time. However, there are days I find myself craving socialization. It’s easy to take those little interactions with co-workers for granted!

Of course, I have meetings with clients and my team, coffee with friends, church, etc. I do get out of the house a lot! However, there are still those days when the house feels too quiet.

Your journey

If you’re starting your “work-from-home” journey soon– congratulations! It’s a fun, exciting, challenging adventure.

I’m so glad you read this post, because now you can have a plan in place to combat overwork, weight gain, and loneliness. It’s all about finding a rhythm or system that works for you!